Routers are fickle things. The most common cause of this problem relates to the software that runs the router which is known as firmware. Not only for reliability reasons, but also for security reasons it is considered good practice to keep your routers firmware up to date. Doing this will solve most strange issues with routers.

To update the routers firmware you can either go to the manufacturers website and follow their directions or call the manufacturers support line.

Manufacturer Phone Number Support Website
ActionTec 888-436-0657
Belkin 800-223-5546
D-Link 877-453-5465
CompUSA 877-777-8324
Hawking 800-756-7832
Linksys 800-326-7114
Motorola 877-466-8646
Netgear 888-638-4327
SMC 800-762-4968
Sony 888-476-6972
Trendware 310-626-6252
ViewSonic 800-688-6688
Zoom 561-241-3216
ZyXel 800-255-4101