Can you get to the internet? Is your modem online? If, no than you may need to contact our technical support. If yes then...

  • First try unplugging the phone box from the power then plug it back in, plug in a known-working phone directly into the phone box and try it.
  • Is the problem occurring on only one jack? If so take a phone from a known-working jack and plug it into the jack you are having trouble with. If it works then you have a problem with the original phone.
  • Is the problem occurring on all jacks? If you have any equipment plugged into any jack such as (fax machines, cordless telephones, answering machines, etc) unplug all equipment from the jacks, wait 30 seconds then plug in a standard corded telephone. If the dial tone is restored than there may be a problem with one of the devices you unplugged.