Managed Home Networking


per month

Why choose AWi-Fi Managed Home Networking?

We include a reliable Wi-Fi router with the latest Dual-Band AC Technology.
This helps avoid interference issues with other Wi-Fi routers in your neighborhood, and provides the highest speeds to your devices.

Remote Troubleshooting

We manage and troubleshoot settings for your router, eliminating the need to worry about router and Wi-Fi issues.

It's like having a friendly technician at your fingertips.

Forgot your Wi-Fi password? An AWI technician can remotely reset the password for you.

Need to change your Wi-Fi Channel? AWI can scan for the best channel, and make the changes for you.

Need to adjust your firewall? No need to hire an IT tech, just call AWI!

Parental Controls

With included Router Limits software, you can Manage Screen Time, Block Adult Content, Track Browsing history, and More.


Get AWi-Fi for only $9.95 per month, with router hardware included

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