New Internet Package Capabilities


This package is best for web browsing and email, our basic plan is a steady, dedicated channel for low-intensity services like Facebook, internet telephone and gaming. With a dedicated channel customized for these services, users can count on plenty of bandwidth for these friendlier applications to send data freely across the network. This works great for people on a budget, those who get their video entertainment through traditional means, and users whose radio signal is just too unreliable to be able to guarantee high-intensity services like streaming video.


Our streaming level of service is designed to give users enough bandwidth to support one session of standard definition streaming at a time, indefinitely. Users can view Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, or any streaming video service at good quality. At the same time, members of your household can comfortably browse the web, use internet telephone or multiplayer gaming without causing congestion or delays to the video stream. Note that customers on the “Value” plan will find that they cannot reliably get two video streams to work at the same time, and that peer to peer file sharing will compete for this same dedicated channel, so customers may choose to leave the file sharing to late nights when streaming video is not in use. This plan is great for users who typically watch one source of streaming video at a time.


This plan combines all the capabilities of the "Value" plan while allowing users to view up to two standard definition television streams at the same time or a single high definition stream – perfect to meet the needs of households watching two sources of video at once.


This package is meant for bandwidth-intensive needs, allowing for all the capabilities of the above packages and more. This package can only be supported with a strong and reliable connection to ensure throughput and reliability.

Data and Traffic Management Policy

What is Data Usage or Bandwidth Usage?

Data usage (also known as bandwidth usage) is the amount of data, such as photos, videos, emails, and other files being sent or received over a specific period of time. AWI reserves the right to monitor the total amount of bandwidth being used in order to ensure fast and reliable service for all our subscribers.

Does AWI have a monthly data usage limit?

AWI does have a monthly data usage allowance as outlined in the table below.

Package Bandwidth Quota
Basic 50 GB
Value Streaming 150 GB
Premium Streaming 300 GB
Power User 450 GB


The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) has adopted rules to preserve the Internet as an open platform (“Rules” or “Open Internet Rules”). These Rules went into effect on November 20, 2011.

Information regarding these Rules is available on the FCC’s website at

Why does AWI have data usage allowance?

Data usage allowances are one way to ensure that extremely high bandwidth users do not negatively impact other subscribers using AWI's broadband network. While a very low percentage of AWI Internet subscribers reach their data usage allowance, some subscribers far exceed their allowance and impact the service of other subscribers. Moreover, Internet usage is growing exponentially with all of the new devices, applications and streaming media available. AWI continually invests in its Internet service network to meet increasing demand. Data capacity is not infinite and must be managed to allow fair use of AWI's network.

Congestion Management

In a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy, we monitor network traffic to ensure capacity is sufficient to maintain an efficient network load, to perform diagnostics and to otherwise manage and enhance our network. We may give priority on an unpaid basis to interactive or critical classes of traffic such as VoIP, traffic essential to the efficient operation our network, and traffic related to the accounts of commercial customers or customers with dedicated connections. We may limit peer-to-peer applications to the extent we determine, in our sole and reasonable discretion, it is appropriate to maintain an efficient network load. Our congestion management practices are in place to ensure that all customers experience high quality service. If we determine, in our sole and reasonable discretion, that the manner in which a customer is using our service negatively impacts other customers or our network, we reserve the right to apply additional congestion management techniques.

Our service is provided on a “best efforts” basis. Certain circumstances may affect the speed and quality of service, including but not limited to foliage, line-of-sight obstructions, the distance between a customer and the transmission point and the connection of multiple devices to our network.

Application-Specific Behavior

Subject to the qualification that we may reasonably limit peer-to-peer applications as set forth above, We generally treat all lawful applications identically; however, we reserve the right to block or limit access to any applications that we determine, in our sole and reasonable discretion, may expose us to potential legal liability, harm our network or otherwise interfere with or impair the experience of other customers on our network.